Established in 1948 by the present owner’s parents and located just off Nakamise Dori, this inn is small and personable, with a coffee shop and a Japanese-style bath you can lock and use privately (reserve in advance). Its tatami rooms, with shoji screens and other traditional touches, sleep up to five persons, making them a good choice for families. Note that only one room (the size of four-and-a-half tatami mats; a single tatami measures 1m[ts]1.8m) is available at the cheapest rates below, so you’re more likely to pay ¥19,800 for a standard room whether you’re one or two people. In any case, the small inn is often fully booked, especially in April, October, December, and February, so if you hope to stay here then, book far ahead. Note, too, that the front door is locked at 11:30pm; if you wish to stay out later, be sure to ask for the back-door key. Dinners, served in the coffee shop, start at ¥2,400 but must be ordered in advance.