This is a well-respected older hotel, tucked away in a quiet residential area near Shiba Park, Zozoji Temple, and Tokyo Tower (and a sobering 25-min. walk from Roppongi nightlife). Friendly staff and the hotel's low-key atmosphere make it more intimate than the beehive activity of Tokyo's larger hotels, though all bets are off in winter, when it serves as a popular way station for Australians headed for the slopes. The hotel consists of a main building and an annex across the street in back. The main 151 Building is the pricier but better choice, with shoji sliding doors separating rooms from bathrooms and other Japanese touches, while the Annex Building attracts groups and families with its mostly twin rooms and larger units that sleep up to four people. But one of the things that impresses me most is its Japanese Culture Salon Sakura, offering daily morning and early afternoon cultural experiences, from calligraphy and origami to the tea ceremony.