This is such a tiny place, it is darn near impossible to elbow your way to the bar or avoid conversation with the people around you. That's because it's a party scene most nights of the week, fueled, no doubt, by the 40 or so different shots available (the Russian Quaalude is quite a production). If you hear the drum, it means someone has bought a shot for everyone in the bar (it happens more than you'd think). Drink 15 shots in 1 night and you get a free T-shirt and your name immortalized on the Shot Hall of Fame. If I even tried, management would probably see fit to establish a secondary Wall of Shame. Maybe that's why people seem to either love or hate this place. There must be more of the former than the latter, because this shot bar has been in business 25 years and attracts many regulars, including expats. Happy hour is daily until 9pm.