For unique, casual entertainment, nothing beats an evening at an entertainment nightclub, featuring fast-paced dancing in intimate venues. Although the emcee may speak Japanese only, no translation is necessary for the stage productions, which center on easy-to-understand themes or include humorous antics. Kingyo is one of Tokyo’s oldest show nightclubs (since 1994, with management recently passed down to the second generation). It stages one of the most high-energy, visually charged 1-hour shows I’ve seen—nonstop action of ascending and receding stages and stairs, fast-paced choreography, elaborate costumes, and loud music. In addition to female dancers, there are also male dancers assuming female parts, just like in kabuki (and I swear, it’s difficult to tell the difference). Some of the acts center on traditional Japanese themes with traditional dress and kimono (a perennial favorite is a well-known song from Okinawa), but there are also satires and social commentaries. It’s great fun, and you’ll admire the cast not only for their talent but for their quick costume changes. Shows are Tuesday to Sunday at 7:30 (doors open at 6pm) and 10pm (doors open at 9pm). Reservations are recommended.