This dance club is older than most of its patrons. A Roppongi mainstay since 1980 and undergoing several reincarnations in its long history, it used to be called Lexington Queen, but everyone has always called it the Lex. Probably the biggest reason for its continued success is socialite Bill Hersey, who always ensures that international celebs get invited to VIP treatment here (an obviously good advertising move), with past movie and rock stars including Green Day, Marilyn Manson, Stephen Dorff, and Denzel Washington (you can see who's dropped by from the photo collection near the entranceway). Its DJs appeal to a wide range of tastes by spinning many genres, from pop and rock to R&B. In today's world of cavernous clubs, this place seems like the throwback that it is, which seems to be exactly what most of its regulars are looking for. The Lex is especially known for its Halloween and New Year celebrations, but be prepared for body-crushing crowds.