The owners of this classy venue decided that Roppongi needed a sophisticated hangout for expats with money, but why they designed it in the spirit of a New York speakeasy is a mystery (maybe a speakeasy sounds sophisticated?). In any case, there's no mistaking that this restaurant/bar is high dollar, with a dark interior centering on a huge bar in the middle of the room. Its emphasis is on fruit-driven cocktails, like the Acai Caipirinha made with cachaca and fresh lime, strawberries and raspberries, plus brown sugar and apple juice. According to a staff member, fruit drinks seem healthy so customers drink more. That must work, because this place can be crazy full on Friday from about 10pm onward, with the targeted corporate types packing the place. It gets kudos for promoting mostly local up-and-coming Japanese DJs Wednesday to Saturday nights, who combine electronic jazz with live instruments, but you can also come for a meal, with limited choices ranging from grilled Hokkaido scallops and Tsukiji fish and chips to burgers, chicken skewers, and steak.