I can hardly think about this bizarre place without cracking up; it's definitely one of those only-in-Japan experiences. Although it calls itself a restaurant, you are not coming here for the rather ordinary bento box that is included in the cover charge. You're here for the one-hour show that includes larger-than-life-sized robots (controlled mostly by remote control) and scantily clad women in a fast-paced revue that will have you laughing at the absurdity of it all and in awe of the robots. Is it cheesy? Yes, and delightfully so. But it's also expensive, so while I am thoroughly glad I've seen it, I probably wouldn't go twice—unless, of course, I just had to bring a friend new to Japan. Shows are staged three or four times daily from 4pm (but get there earlier to experience its over-the-top lurid lounge), and reservations are recommended.