This is a plain cafeteria, really more of a cafe than a bar, but it's located on the 22nd floor of the Asahi Beer Tower on the opposite side of the Sumida River from Asakusa, offering great views of the river with its barge traffic, Asakusa, and TOKYO SKYTREE. It's also a nice place to be at dusk, though it can be crowded on weekends, especially for one of the two dozen seats at the window-side counter. Its menu is very limited, offering various kinds of Asahi beer for ¥600 to ¥850, as well as wine, coffee, tea, soda, and snacks that include olives and pickles, nuts, and cheese, plus a pasta set lunch for ¥850 from 11:30am to 2pm.  The Asahi Beer Tower, by the way, is said to represent a mug of foaming beer and sits beside a smaller building with a golden hops perched on top, though there are a lot of other things the hops is said to resemble, none of them kind.