The Shinagawa Prince Hotel, with more than 3,600 rooms, may well be Japan's largest sleep factory, but all that seems irrelevant on the top floor of the hotel's Main Tower, where you have unparalleled panoramas of the Tokyo cityscape in all directions. Top of Shinagawa is divided into several sections, with the North Bar facing central Tokyo offering the best views but adding a table charge for the privilege. In the center of the space, flanked by the east and west lounges, is an open restaurant called Prince Court that offers a very reasonably priced buffet lunch for ¥2,500 from 11:30am to 3pm. It offers hot entrees and side dishes and is very heavy on desserts. Maybe that's why it's so popular with groups of middle-aged Japanese women. In any case, this is a good place to kill time if you're waiting for a Shinkansen or train to Narita Airport, or simply want to see Tokyo in all its glory.