Places like this might be common in other international communities, but in Tokyo it's a welcome surprise. Like an outdoor food court, it consists of not one food vendor but a dozen or so food stalls and trucks, with communal seating in the center. I recommend perusing the offerings before making a choice, with burgers, soups, curries, pastries, Brooklyn ribbon fries, beer, sake, cocktails, organic sparkling wines, and more on offer. Only hard cash is accepted, and if it's a weekend, you might also want to amble on over to the UNU Farmer's Market (on Aoyama Dori in the direction of Shibuya, in front of United Nations University), with more food trucks and stalls selling vegetables, fruit, eggs, crafts, and baked goods. The number 246, by the way, is a reference to Aoyama Dori's other designation, Route 246. Although 246 Common is open year-round, you won't find much going on in inclement weather. Its website is in Japanese, but it has an English list of vendors, photos, and a map.