Chinya was founded in 1880 (but rebuilt in 1975), and with a great location just steps away from Sensoji Temple, it has been welcoming foreigners with an English-language menu for many decades. It has various options for sukiyaki and shabu-shabu set meals and even provides instruction for how to cook them at your table. Its foyer entrance, next to its own butcher shop (always a good sign), gives no hint as to what lies beyond, but soon there's a man taking your shoes and a kimono-clad hostess leading you upstairs to one of the tatami-floored rooms. The set lunch is the best deal, served until 3:30pm and including an appetizer, pickles, miso soup, rice, dessert, and shabu-shabu or sukiyaki, while dinners require reservations and are much more extensive. These are not quick meals (and at this price you wouldn't expect them to be), so come prepared to relax and enjoy the occasion.