All over Japan, the all-you-can-eat buffet is called "Viking" because that's how the Imperial Hotel introduced the concept with the country's very first spread back in 1953, calling it a Viking smorgasbord. Today, of course, many hotels offer buffets fit for a true Viking, but this one remains one of the most famous and luckily bears no resemblance to what passed as Western food back in the '50s. In fact, this might well be the priciest buffet in Japan (as with all buffets, there are discounted prices for children). More than 40 mostly European dishes make their debut, from roast beef with horse radish to pasta, salmon, desserts, and more, with seasonal promotions adding ethnic cuisine from around the world. Live jazz serenades in the evenings, but if you opt for the more economical lunch, try to get a table overlooking the Ginza or Hibiya Park.