Plenty of Tokyoites consider this the best tonkatsu (deep-fried breaded pork cutlet) restaurant in Tokyo. In business since 1965, it now has several locations around town, including the 6th floor of the new Hikarie building across from Shibuya Station, the 9th floor of Tokyu department store above Shibuya Station, and the 12th floor of Daimaru department store next to Tokyo Station. But this is the main store and the most atmospheric, with a main dining hall ensconced in what was once the dressing room of a pre-World War II public bathhouse, with a tall ceiling and other original architectural details that hint at its former life. The English-language menu lists various dishes and set meals, the most famous of which features tonkatsu made from black pig from Kagoshima, which has a sweet, more intense flavor than regular pork. Tonkatsu comes with finely shredded cabbage and Maisen's own sauce. Lunch specials, available until 4pm, are listed only in Japanese, but there are photos. There's also a takeout window offering various bento boxes and Maisen products, including its own curry sauce.