Even its entrance is discreet (look for its small, lit sign), but what would you expect from a themed restaurant that glorifies the invisibility of the ninja? The adventure begins in the dark foyer, where black-clad waiters magically appear to lead customers through a bewildering maze of twisting passageways to private nooks and tatami rooms. The English-menu language, written on a scroll, offers a la carte dishes like sweet-and-sour pork, salmon grilled with saikyo miso, roast lamb with Korean flavoring, and various sushi, soups, and salads, but most people go with one of the set dinners. As the meal winds down, on most nights a roaming ninja will drop by to entertain with a variety of magic acts that are darn near impossible to figure out (tipping is up to you). Although I admit Ninja may be corny, the food is good, the intimate dining venues are great for couples and groups, and the staff is beyond reproach. For families with kids, this place is tough to beat. Reservations are a must.