The Ginza Core is a fashion department store near the Ginza 4–chome Crossing (the Harumi Dori–Chuo Dori intersection) and is the improbable home to not one, but two very reasonably priced Shabusen restaurants. Although shabu-shabu is usually shared between two or more diners, since you cook it yourself in a communal boiling pot at your own table, Shabusen caters also to individuals with one-person portions. The second-floor Shabusen is a bit nicer, with round counters good for lone diners and tables that are perfect for groups, while the second-basement restaurant features U-shaped counters that are a great choice if dining alone or with one other person. I personally love the experience of dining at the counter, because you can watch chefs preparing orders and, with other customers seated in close quarters, it doesn't really feel like you're eating alone. The English-language menu lists both pork and beef shabu-shabu sets, which you cook along with vegetables and then eat with either a ponzu or sesame dipping sauce.