The science fun starts even before you enter, as right in front of the entrance is the world's largest outdoor hydraulophone (a musical instrument that's played by manipulating water). Step inside and there are even more whiz-bang sights to see (and play with), some 800 hands-on and passive exhibits ranging from astronomy to anatomy, to Moon and Mars rocks to Ontario's only IMAX® Dome theater. New since 2013: The AstraZeneca Human Edge exhibit hall, with 80 exhibits that explore the wonders and possibilities of the human body, from fundamentals to "feats" such has how champion free divers can descend 85m (280 ft.) on a single breath of air. Since the museum opened in 1969 the staff has successfully striven to make science fun. For one National Science and Technology Week they had students join in on a national attempt to break the Guinness World Record for largest simultaneous science lesson, which was flying paper airplanes (the real point was to learn about gravity and aerodynamics).  For the photo you are going to want to take home, visit the electricity display, where you can put your hand on a giant ball connected to a Van de Graaff generator; the static electricity will make your hair stand on end. There are three light meal/snack cafes, the Valley Restaurant, and a great gift shop.