Situated on the edge of the Don Valley Ravine, this 7.5 acre working farm is located right in the city. Small tots enjoy watching the cows, pigs, turkeys, and ducks—and can get close enough to pet many animals, such as the rabbits. Because this really is a working farm, you'll see all of the chores of daily life, such as horse grooming, cow and goat milking, egg collecting, and animal feeding. Originally this was the site of Toronto’s first zoo, which opened in 1890. At the turn of the century, throngs of locals would come to gawk at the ocelots, monkeys, and elephant. Today, the only wild animals about can be found in the ravine, where 3km (1 mile) of trails knot through a forest filled with ponds, home to herons, turtles, and the wild cousins of the geese that live on the farm.