This is Ontario’s first Ritz, and the brand’s reputation for elegance and five-star service does not disappoint. From the moment you enter the dramatic lobby, the ambition to impress is all around. Sip a sophisticated cocktail in one of the lounges, and luxuriate in the spacious rooms. The excellent on-site spa has an adjoining lap pool and a polished gym, too. To gild the lily, upgrade your reservation to Club status, and you’ll get access to the 20th-floor lounges, which include a generous breakfast, hors d'oeuvres, and alcoholic beverages as well as a designated Club member concierge. Although the service is top-tier, the too-beige rooms have a dated look (there hasn’t been a much in terms of updating since the hotel opened in 2011). The views of Lake Ontario, though, remain intact, at least for now, until more new high-rises block the vistas.