The Beverley is so small that when you Google “pod hotels Toronto,” this is a top hit. Despite its Lilliputian dimensions—the whole place weighs in at a whopping 669 sq. m (7,200 sq. ft.)—this is no pod property. With its fetching interior design, welcoming staff, and convenient Queen West location, the teeny Beverley is keen to prove that bigger isn’t always better. This 18-room hotel attracts an international crowd that’s unphased by petite rooms—the largest of which, cheekily named the XL room, maxes out at 30 sq. m (322 sq. ft.). Architect Steven Fong’s sleek masculine aesthetic makes the most out of tight layouts. Flatscreens descend from the ceiling, while headboards decked out with black-and-white Queen West graphics do double-duty as art pieces. Volia! Tablets are found in every room and act as digital concierges plugging you into the city.