BarChef ★★★[em]A night at BarChef is two parts boundary-pushing mixology, one part theatricality, and a dash of enchantment. Owner Frankie Solarik’s objective at this Queen West destination is to “create an experience involving all the senses: a visceral and emotional journey of taste, touch, smell, sound and sight.” To achieve this lofty goal, Solarik (who is somewhere between an artist, a chemist, a magician, and a mix maestro) creates elaborate modernist cocktails that present a scene, not just an alcoholic mélange over ice. On one visit, the Illuminated Eucalyptus, a bowl nestled into a Japanese pebble garden vignette, is recommended. The quaff tastes of coconut with hints of creamed sake and bright green spice. On another visit, a recommended cocktail for two comes to the table looking like a bowl of ramen, complete with noodles and chopsticks. A warm mix of bourbon, Islay Scotch, rosemary syrup, and maraschino is poured over the bowl, tableside, thawing the “noodles” (actually a frozen gel made from cacao and green Chartreuse). The presentation enchants, while the perfect balance of sweet and bitter titillates taste buds.