It's easy to spot this landmark building in the heart of the Entertainment District, with its wonderful curvilinear sloping glass design by Arthur Erickson (the outer walls are reflective in the daytime and transparent at night). This 2630-seat hall is the home of the Toronto Symphony Orchestra, and a popular venue for concerts, speakers, and other forms of entertainment. The classy wood-and-concrete interior design features an organ hanging high above the stage (it has 4,873 metal and 276 wood pipes). The acoustics of the hall were tweaked by a renovation in 2002, leaving most patrons pleased. Many gala premieres for the Toronto International Film Festival are held here in early September; watch for the red carpet rolled out for press interviews on the west side. Take some time to explore the sidewalk on the east and west side for embedded Canada's Walk of Fame stars, and see if you can spot Leslie Nielsen, Louis B. Mayer, Shania Twain, William Shatner, Mike Myers, and many more. The hall was used as a location for the original "X-Men" film.