Chef-owner Nick Liu has christened his cooking style New Asian Cuisine. For Liu, that means he is pulling from Korean, Thai, and Chinese traditions, and executing plates with modern French flair. The menu oscillates between fun food (a Big Mac bao that stuffs pork, beef, house-processed cheddar, pickles, and special sauce into a steamed bun) and serious plates. A Mongolian grilled lamb neck, for instance, is tender with sweet notes from the Chinese five-spice rub; the share-friendly dish comes on a table-sized board, flanked by pickled cucumber celery, chili-chive pancakes, and hoisin dipping sauce—requiring some assembly. Occasionally Liu shows off his fine-dining pedigree. An heirloom tomato and prawn salad, made with vegetables grown by Liu’s parents, looks like a Rothko painting. Head upstairs to LoPan for funky drinks and dim sum–inspired snacks.