Treasure Cay now contains one of the most popular and elaborate resorts in the Out Islands. Off Great Abaco's east coast, it boasts not only 5.5km (3 1/2 miles) of spectacular sandy beach, widely recognized as being among the top 10 beaches in The Bahamas, but also one of the finest marinas in the Commonwealth, with complete docking and charter facilities.

Before the tourist complex opened, the cay was virtually undeveloped. As a result, the resort has become the "city," providing its thousands of visitors with everything they need, including medical supplies, grocery items, liquor (naturally), and bank services. But don't count on having these services when you need them. There are no ATMs on the island, and the bank is open only on Tuesday and Thursday -- and Thursday is payday on the island, so it's impossibly overcrowded. Medical supplies, even contact-lens solution, aren't available on the weekends. The real-estate office peddles condos, and the builders predict that they will one day reach a capacity of 5,000 owners. They're hoping that many visitors will like Treasure Cay enough to buy into it.

Treasure Cay hosts one of the most popular fishing tournaments in The Bahamas: the Treasure Cay Billfish Championship in May.