24km (15 miles) E of Ceské Budejovice

Just a 30-minute bus ride east of Ceské Budejovice, Trebon is a diamond in the rough, a walled city that time, war, and disaster have failed to destroy. Surrounded by forests and ponds, the town slowly grew from the 12th to the mid-14th century, when four of the Rozmberk brothers (also known as the Rosenbergs) took over, making Trebon a home away from home (their official residence was down the road in Ceský Krumlov). Trebon quickly flourished, attaining key brewing and salt customs rights. Adding to the town's coffers were more than 5,000 fishponds built by fish master Stepánek Netolický and his successor, Mikulás Rathard.

Though war and fires in the 17th and 18th centuries razed most of the town's historic Renaissance architecture, a slow rebuilding process eventually restored nearly every square foot of the walled town to its original state. Under Communism, Trebon was awarded spa rights, which kept money flowing in and buildings in good repair.

The town is not as breathtaking as Krumlov, but Trebon hasn't been completely overrun by tourists who trample everything in their wake. Instead, Trebon exists with or without visitors. Ceský Krumlov is great, but if you have time and want to chill out for a day, consider Trebon. Trebon is the best small town in which to overnight when you're traveling in the region or just looking for some peace and quiet.

The 4-day festival "Okolo Trebone" takes place here in the beginning of July annually. You can experience several street happenings, sport and fun competitions, and listen to Czech folk music performed on stages in the city center and the nearby park. This multigenre event always turns out to be a long party with its unforgettable atmosphere. Check the exact dates at the information center and also ask about the historic Knight Tournament, which, if it occurs, can be a lot of fun, too. Unfortunately, there's no set date for it and it isn't an annual event.