One of Norway's largest wooden churches, this is a barnlike, yellow, "carpenter Gothic" monument in the heart of town that's difficult to heat in winter. It is the world's northernmost Protestant cathedral, lying 182m (597 ft.) from the harbor. Consecrated in 1861, it was the creation of architects D. J. Evjen and Heinrich Grosch. Seating 750 persons, the cathedral shows some classical and Swiss influences. The altarpiece, painted by Christian Brun, is a copy of one within Bragernes church in Drammen. Built by Claus Jensen in 1863, the organ was one of his largest works. In 1944, the church was at the center of history when it was used by evacuees during the Nazi-enforced evacuation of Finnmark and Northern Troms. In 1994, the church was restored and returned to its original colors.