This small village on the northeast coast has become a center for divers. Its raison d'ĂȘtre is the wreck of the Liberty, a U.S. Army supply ship that was attacked by a Japanese submarine during WWII. The dive is an easy walk-in off the beach about 25m (82 ft.) from the shore. Its deepest point is about 30m (98 ft.) and the shallowest about 5m (16 ft.). It is suitable for all levels of certification and experience. Some people stay in town, or drive from Amed or Kuta. Infrequent public minibuses to Singaraja and Amlapura are available but because the area is now focused more on tourism, these services tend to be unreliable. Hire a car and driver either on the street or through your hotel.

Fast Facts -- As yet, Tulamben has no ATMs, banks, money changers, Internet cafes, emergency services, or basically anything at all. The hotels and homestays usually provide shuttle services or arrange transport and sometimes Internet access.