Some of the finest gourmet Mexican cuisine on the coast is served in this beautiful house on a back street in town that feels like a lovingly decorated family gathering spot.  Chef Claudia Pérez Rívas has devoted her considerable talents to preparing alta cocina mexicana (gourmet Mexican cuisine) completely from scratch, down to grinding spices and herbs in stone metates. She enjoys educating diners, explaining traditional Mexican cuisine and presenting a sampling of the night’s moles and other sauces. Waiters begin your meal by bringing a complimentary plate of appetizers, including empanadas and Mexican cheeses as you study the menu. Traditional dishes include chiles en nogada (a chile stuffed with meats, raisins, and spices and topped with a white sauce and pomegranate seeds), considered Mexico’s national dish and traditionally served during August and September, around Independence Day. Pérez specializes in moles (sauces with multitudinous ingredients) and it would be a shame to not share at least one such dish. Her grilled shrimp atop a bed of huitlacoche (a savory corn fungus) is also outstanding.

Note: Credit cards not accepted