Completing the triumvirate of glitzy Savoy households around Turin, the Venaria was constructed in the mid–17th century to a design by Amedeo di Castellamonte, but sure enough Filippo Juvarra also had a hand in the design. This massive complex, its stables, and its awesome formal gardens are now UNESCO World Heritage listed. Brought back to life and reopened in 2011 after decades of work, Venaria now offers a great, family-oriented day out with loads of outdoor summer activities as well as the chance to glimpse the extraordinarily privileged lives of the Savoy family. The Fountain of the Stag dances to music in the lake outside the palazzo. There are follies aplenty, and the mock-Roman Fountain of Hercules to discover in the grounds and permanent exhibitions in the house, including the Peopling the Palaces lightshow conceived by Peter Greenaway, who also had a hand in the exhibitions at the Museum of Cinema in Turin.