At press time, with the restaurant and its attendant businesses up for sale, it was not clear what Porter's Island Thyme restaurant will be if its indefatigable leader, Porter Williams, is no longer there behind the bar, making every minute a celebration. Porter's Island Thyme is command central of tiny Salt Cay (pop. 61). True, no matter what happens, the kitchen team of Apol and Lolli is in place, preparing wonders like Asian-inspired "jumping steak" (steak marinated and sautéed), Moroccan tagines, and curried snapper, conch chowder, and cracked conch. All the cornball special events that bring the island's residents and seasonal visitors together no matter what the weather for nightly bonhomie—Thursday Night Lobster Mania, Friday Pizza Night, bowling, bingo, etc.—will continue apace (reservations are required). The roof deck, Zen Sky, is still a wonderful place for watching the sunset or scanning the horizon for breaching whales. And a bottle of Wolf (the potent house spirit) will be there, for a shot or two on a rain-sodden night. A port in the storm, a beating heart, the kind of place where strangers form lifelong connections—you'll be wistful for Island Thyme long after you've left. Here's hoping it is ever thus.