The Elephant Safari Park, run by Bali Adventure Tours, is less of a safari and more of an elephant ride. These native Sumatra elephants are well cared for and live in large, lush enclosures. The owners have worked carefully with locals from Taro village, previously one of Bali's most remote and untouched villages, to make sure they leave little more than elephant tracks. A safari starts with Pachyderm 101, as knowledgeable guides discuss the animals' care and feeding, local ecology, threats to the native population, and preservation efforts. Then, along with a mahout (guide), you go on a galumphing trip through the jungle. A fun elephant show is staged twice daily at 12:30 and 3:30pm. The park has recently begun offering a night safari that begins at 6:45pm every night and includes an elephant talent show and a four-course dinner for US$99 and US$69 for children.