Pura Kebo Edan, or "crazy buffalo temple," is in the east Ubud suburbs near Goa Gajah. It is said that it was built in the 12th century and while it isn't a fantastic structure it is famous for the nearly 4m (12-ft.) statue known as the Giant of Pejeng. Temple history facts are difficult to pin down but it is thought to be about 700 years old. The Giant of Pejeng is famous for his huge penis, and four of them at that. The first theory is that the animal appears in Brahmanism while others say it may represent Bima, a hero of the Mahabharata, dancing on a dead body in a myth related to the Hindu Shiva god. I like this version as in this story Bima falls in love with a woman and his desire has risen. However the penis of Bima is too big for her and she finds another lover. Bima finds them making love one day and he has them killed. It's hard to decipher the moral of the story here.