Yes, there is a monkey forest at the southern end of Monkey Forest Road. The towering tree clusters here are home to a troop of bad-tempered but photogenic primates that swing from branches, cannonball into pools, and do everything short of putting on suits and paying taxes, all to the general delight of photo-snapping visitors. Signs warn you not to feed the monkeys, even though locals stand under those very signs selling you bananas and nuts for precisely that purpose. Do so if you really must, but don’t tease the critters, who are grumpy enough as it is—just hand them the food. Make sure you have no other food on you—they’ll smell it. They’re also known to snatch at dangling or glittering objects and to gnaw on sandals. There’s a small temple in the forest, and the track also leads to Nyuhkuning, a village known for woodcarving.