Dokdo is an island on the easternmost end of South Korea, located 87km (54 miles) southeast of Ulleung-do. Dokdo encompasses two islets, Dondo and Seodo, as well as 36 small rock islets. After the Russo-Japanese War of 1905, Japan unilaterally transferred Dokdo to the Shimane Prefecture, renaming it Dakesima. The issue remains unresolved. If you wish to visit the island, you have to apply at least 15 days in advance via fax to the Ulleung-gun Administrative Office (tel. 054/790-6420 [Korean]) or arrange a tour with Segye Tour in Seoul (tel. 02/6900-9010; It's much easier to take one of the two daily ferries that circle the island. Ferries run irregularly, depending on the weather, but are scheduled for 7:30am and 2:30pm.