Universal’s priciest and most romantic option faithfully re-creates the famous Italian fishing village, down to the angle of the boat docks, the bolted-down Vespas, and live opera music nightly along the waterfront. Beyond that spectacular gimmick (said to have been Steven Spielberg’s idea, like much at 1990s Universal), rooms are of a particularly high standard—standard ones are a generous 450 square feet and have top-end beds. Because the resort is the farthest on property from the parks (but still only about 5 min. by quick-loading boat or 15 min. by foot), it tends to appeal to couples. Restaurants here—including upscale Bice and family-favorite Mama Della’s—are worth staying in for, plus there are a Starbucks, an upscale pizzeria, and a gelateria on property. Choose from two enormous pools—one with a sand beach, zero entry, and waterslides, the other with palm trees, bocce, and a Mediterranean vibe—or a small third option for a cool break in your day.