Universal Orlando’s 30-acre nightclub mall takes fewer pains than Disney to present a wholesome face to the public. In fact, there’s an upscale tattoo parlor. Nights here, in the front yard shared by both Universal theme parks, were designed with jellybean colors and rock-concert panache but they attract locals as well as tourists and therefore have a sharper edge. The drinks seem stronger, too. The liveliness is bolstered partly by regular concerts at its Hard Rock Live venue. There is no charge to enter the common area, which is a boon because that allows anyone to tour around before deciding whether they want to pay to enter any clubs. Buying a $12 CityWalk Party Pass from any of the kiosks at the complex grants you unlimited admission to any and all of them on a given night; the clubs usually open after 9pm and are otherwise $7 a pop. Some of them serve food during the day and turn into nightspots late, and others open only in the evening. All Universal park tickets with multiday admission automatically come with one Party Pass. The Party Pass also is available with the addition of a movie ticket at the AMC Universal Cineplex (see below), which is part of the complex. That combo costs $16. Finally, there’s a package that buys a prix-fixe dinner at eight of CityWalk’s restaurants with a ticket to the cineplex for $22. Grab a “Times & Info” guide, which maps the stores and restaurants and lists the current happy hour times and specials. Many clubs only admit patrons 21 or older because drinking is permitted outdoors anywhere in CityWalk.