Welcome to the water playground that stole your child. This frenetic splash area is teeming with squealing children and positively soaked with streams of water from every direction—from squirt cannons, fountains, geysers, and, most importantly, from two 500-gallon buckets that, every 7 minutes, sound a warning bell and then drench anyone beneath them. The immoderate, virtually orgiastic scene is ringed by a perimeter of dry parents keeping an eye on their suddenly wild offspring. I enjoy joining them, because watching the children cheer and scamper when they hear the clang of the bucket’s warning bell, and then watching them momentarily vanish in the deluge, is endlessly heartwarming. Through the wet area (there’s a dry bypass corridor to it on the left) is the dry Ball Factory, where kids suck up plastic balls with light vacuums, pack them into bags, and then fire them at each other with weak cannons. It’s not marked on the maps.