This is one advanced train: The 17-story height, vertical climb, hill-like loop, and near misses are just the start of it. Most advanced are its cars, outfitted with LEDs and in-seat speakers. Riders personalize their trip on screens embedded in the beltlike safety restraint, choosing the song that will play during the trip. Pick from a broad menu including country, rap, rock, and disco, but if you don’t pick a song, it’ll choose one for you. When the ride’s over, you can buy a movie of it, along with your soundtrack. Lockers are required for loose items, but they’re free for the wait time plus 20 minutes. Single riders get their own line, and it moves quickly. Rockin’.

Strategy: Don’t close the safety bar too tightly! You’ll have trouble breathing. And if you ride around noon, the lift hill will beam the sun straight into your eyes.

Tip: There are “secret” songs not listed in the consoles. Google them ahead of time to get the code numbers, then while you’re still in the train station, hold down the coaster logo for 10 seconds to unlock the number pad for them.