After a superlative queue area that does a pitch-perfect, Jetsons-style imitation of New York’s 1964 World’s Fair (ironically, the one Walt Disney created so many wonders for), you discover the “real” tenant of the futuristic building: a training course for the Men in Black alien patrol corps. You board six-person cars equipped with individual laser guns. As you pass from room to room—expect lots of herky-jerky motions, but nothing sickening—your task is to fire upon any alien that pops out from around doorways, behind trash cans, and so on. If they peg you first, your buggy goes spinning. Each car’s point score is displayed on the dashboard, and the number accumulated by the end determines the climactic video you’re shown—Will Smith will either praise you as “Galaxy Defender” or mock you as “Bug Bait.” Strategy: The single riders’ queue moves quickly thanks to the odd number of seats in each row. Locker use for small items is mandatory, but free. Tip: Look for “Steven Spielberg” sitting on a bench with a newspaper. After the ride, ask a staffer if you can tour the “Immigration Room,” an area most guests don’t visit. Trust us.