The high-priced voices of the movie characters (Mike Myers, Cameron Diaz, Eddie Murphy) star in a snarky 12-minute, 3-D movie-cum-spectacle—filmed in “OgreVision.” John Lithgow plays the ghost of the evil Lord Farquaad, who crashes Shrek and Fiona’s honeymoon at Fairytale Falls with a few dastardly deeds. The chairs look like standard theater seats but they’re tricked-up to goose sensations—don’t worry; it won’t make you ill. Well, unless fart jokes gross you out. It’s a good one to do when the feet start aching, although the line can build in the afternoon. Strategy: Because the entertaining preshow is just as long as the movie, the Express Pass doesn’t seem to buy you very much time. After the exit, visit Donkey’s Photo Finish, featuring an interactive, robotic version of the movie’s famous ass in his own stall; he interacts with kids and poses.