This East Coast version of a ride that first appeared at Universal Studios Hollywood repeats the technology and basic vehicle design of the gentler Adventures of Spider-Man next door at Islands of Adventure—that is, roofless motion-simulator cars travel among sense-tricking rooms with 3D projections. The difference is that here, the show is pumped up with crisper animation, clearer sounds, and a whole lot of machine-on-machine violence and military-grade weaponry. But at heart, no matter how impressive the tech is, Transformers is still a version of Spider-Man, down to key plot points. The mayhem is so frenetic you can't always tell which Transformer is which, but then again, you can't in the movies, either, so it hardly matters. You’ll emerge feeling like you survived a very pretty 4-minute-long highway crash. Strategy: The clearest view is in the front row, and there’s a fast-moving single-rider line.