This mouthy indoor food court in Springfield serves mostly standard food renamed with inside jokes and witticisms that puncture American culture. You could spend half your lunchtime just laughing at the dishes. Krusty Burger serves “meat sandwiches” such as the high-stacked double-bacon Clogger Burger with “cheez sauce” and curly fries and 6-inch Heat Lamp Dogs. The Frying Dutchman does Basket O’ Bait fried fish and Clam Chowd-arr. At the Luigi’s Pizza area, get slices of Meat Liker’s Pizza, and at Cletus’ Chicken Shack, dig into the not-very-appetizing-but-accurate Chicken Arms (wings), Chicken Thumbs (tenders), and chicken-and-waffle sandwiches. Lastly, Lisa’s Teahouse of Horror balances out the junk food with a cooler full of straight-up salads and wraps. You can also buy only-at-Universal treats such as Buzz Cola (no-calorie cherry cola). Outside and across the way, there’s the Bumblebee Man’s Taco Truck. Entrees $15 to $19.