The famously rough-and-tumble, rum-soaked Holiday Isle got a much-needed major makeover, and today it’s mostly whimsical surfer-chic with waterfront rooms awash in white woods and sand-colored stripes, with cute quotes from ocean lovers hand-stenciled on the walls. Around a half-dozen units were left untouched (to satisfy the nostalgia of some guests), along with the “World Famous Tiki Bar,” which has an improved sound system but the same funky vibe of yore—and still mixing up hyper-potent Rumrunners that will make you need a room if you don’t have one already. There’s also an eatery called Shula 2, inspired by legendary Miami Dolphins coach Don, as well as sundry other eating (and of course drinking) venues. The beachfront has been cleaned up and now features lounges and a lawn with Adirondack chairs. The staff? Friendly and helpful as ever.