This palace is a massive conglomeration of styles, the result of nearly continuous expansion in direct correlation to the rising wealth and power of the duke and duchess. Large segments of the compound are occupied by the Duc and Duchesse de Crussol d'Uzès and cannot be visited. You can, however, climb the winding staircase in the square 11th-century Tour Bermonde for a sweeping view over the countryside from its elevated terrace. Whether or not this is worth the steep entrance fee is debatable. The 11th-century cellar contains casks of wine from the surrounding vineyards. Tours of the site end with a dégustation of the reds and rosés of the Cuvée Ducale. The building's showcase apartments include a dining room with Louis XIII and Renaissance furnishings, a great hall (Le Grand Hall) done in the style of Louis XV, a large library that includes family memoirs, and the 15th-century Chapelle Gothique. Visits are usually part of an obligatory French-language tour, but you can follow the commentary with an English-language pamphlet.