One glance at the menu signals that chef-owner Eladio Rodríguez has not forgotten his Galician roots, even if he’s transplanted them to a warmer and sunnier coast. The tank of live shellfish is just one signal that he’s obsessed with freshness, and the menu itself basically advertises the fish of the Galician coast—hake, monkfish, fresh cod, salt cod, and turbot—prepared “Galician style.” In general, this means simply roasted in an extremely hot oven with minimal garnish. He does serve cod with the Basque green sauce (pil pil), and offers some Valencian treats like red mullet with almond sauce. Meat eaters are in luck at Eladio as well, since Galicia prides itself on extraordinary beef. The kitchen already has a wood charcoal fire going for the fish, so it’s no trouble to throw a T-bone on the coals or tuck a chateaubriand (for two) into the grill.