Bill Reid was first among West Coast native artists, not just because of his immense talent, but because he managed to throw the door open for all other artists who followed. This beautiful, light-drenched exhibition space, which opened in 2008, a decade after his death, is a fitting tribute to this great man. Many of his works are on permanent display—they range from the huge bronze sculpture “Mythic Messengers,” which comprises 11 intertwined figures recounting traditional Haida myths, to a tiny chalk tea set he carved as a young boy. The gallery also features ever-changing exhibitions of Northwest Coast art; for instance, the breathtaking jewelry of Morgan Green in her show “Ts’msyen Transforming.” She takes images from her heritage and raw materials from nature to create works of deep beauty. There’s also a great gift shop, where you can pick up First Nations art, books, jewelry, and collectibles.