This heart-stopping experience is one of Vancouver’s most popular tourist attractions, and has been since it first opened back in 1889. Once just a simple suspension bridge flung 137m (450 ft.) across a 70m-deep (230 ft.) canyon, today it boasts a whole lot of extra features that keep the visitors coming back. First, there is the bridge itself, just a simple series of cedar planks held up by two cables. As you cross the Capilano Canyon, it sways alarmingly, more so if any teenage boys are crossing at the same time. The bridge is surrounded by a lovely 11-hectare (27-acre) rainforest park, with a cafe, gift shop, interpretive center, carving shed, and storytelling stations. Across the bridge is the Treetops Adventure, a walkway set up high in the trees. And then there’s the new Cliffwalk, a series of cantilevered walkways, some of them glass-bottomed, that jut out from the granite cliffs, giving you a unique (and dizzying) perspective on the canyon below. Overall, this is a pretty fun way to spend a day—or it would be, if the summer crowds weren’t so intense and the admission price so high. One of the best times to visit is during Canyon Lights in December, when it’s all sparkly with millions of fairy lights and the price is about half what it normally is. Another option is to check out the free suspension bridge in Lynn Valley.