Vancouver, famously, likes to forget its past. Well, not here. All its rough, tough, neon-lit, hippy-dippy memories are captured in this fun little museum space. In 2014, the museum celebrates 120 years of collecting the city’s artifacts, so it’s a good time to come down and check out what’s on display. It starts with the early days of the city, with exhibits that include a mesmerizing movie shot from the front of the city’s first streetcar as it rolls through the streets, pedestrians fleeing as it approaches. The 1950s Gallery is great fun, with its nod to Vancouver’s neon past—the city once had more neon lights than any other in the world, and some of the best examples are preserved here, including the famous Smiling Buddha sign. And, of course, there’s quite the celebration of the counterculture years of the 1960s and [’]70s. Note that MOV is located in the same building as the H. R. MacMillan Space Centre.