A must visit if you have kids. Like so many things around Vancouver, including the SkyTrain and the China Gate in Chinatown, this big, sparkly geodesic dome at the eastern end of False Creek was initially built for Expo [’]86. Today, it’s a popular destination for parents looking for something to entertain their kids on a rainy day. And while it certainly is educational, it’s also way more fun than that. For instance, in 2014, its featured exhibit is the “Science of Sports,” a hands-on exploration of what it takes to be a great athlete. In the “BodyWorks” exhibit, you can do cool things like power a drum with your heartbeat, while “Eureka!” lets you answer all those “what if” questions you’ve always wondered about. There are also movies presented throughout the day at the OMNIMAX Theatre, as well as outdoor activities in the Ken Spencer Science Park.