You’d think it would be nothing but boats here, but the curators at this friendly space in an A-frame on the beach like to think outside the box. Recent years have seen exhibits that focused on sailors’ tattoos, naughty scrimshaw carvings, and, in 2014, the evolution of the swimsuit. Yes, there are also model ships, navigational gear, maps, charts, posters, and everything to do with Vancouver’s marine past, including a collection of vintage boats. But the main attraction will always be the RCMP patrol ship, St. Roch, especially since you actually get to climb aboard and explore the vessel. In the 1920s, it patrolled the Arctic Ocean, and was the first trip to travel both ways through the Northwest Passage. Today, it offers a glimpse of the harsh conditions in those days and in those brutal waters, something to keep in mind as you take your pleasant harbor ferry journey afterward.