Vancouver may seem like a pretty place, a laidback, law-abiding sort of town, but it has always had a rough, dangerous undertone to it. It’s had its legendary unsolved crimes, such the Babes in the Woods murders, and scandals like the mysterious death of the actor Errol Flynn, allegedly in the arms of a 17-year-old girl (although some reports suggest it was a boy). All of that is captured here in this quaint little museum housed in the old Vancouver Coroner’s Court, morgue, and crime lab. (It’s where Flynn was autopsied after his untimely death in 1959.) It’s not for everyone—those who aren’t fascinated by crime and the people who solve it might be bored—but for the rest of us, the weapons, specimen jars, and crime-fighting memorabilia will be intriguing. Plus it offers tours, special classes for kids, and ESL programs. The museum is a proud supporter of the Vancouver Police Department Memorial.